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Pepper BRU™ is ready to move you into memories with a spicy high energy juice  made with NO sugar, NO preservatives and just enough pepper to wake you up with a smile!

Pepper Bru™ - Lemon Cocktail Recipes for Bartenders


Our Pepper Bru™ – Lemon can be combined with alcohol for a natural energy boost. Spice up your night with our fan favorite Pepper Bru™ – Lemon Cocktail Recipes.

The Islander

Pepper Bru™ – Lemon
Captain Morgans
Blue Curacao
Pineapple Juice

Hot Asfugh Toddy

(aka Spicy Hot Toddy)

Pepper Bru™ – Lemon (warmed)
Whiskey or Bourbon

Hot water
Garnish – Ginger Flakes, Cinnamon Stick

Not Ya Mama’s Lemonade

Pepper Bru™ – Lemon
Vodka,  Gin , or Tequila
– Lemon Slice

Sunrise & Spice

Pepper Bru™ – Lemon
Pineapple Juice
Garnish – Cinnamon Rim

The Smoke

(aka Spicy Lemon Ginger Summit)

Pepper Bru™ – Lemon
Splash of Grenadine
Squeeze of Lime
Garnish – Ginger Flakes, Cucumber Slice

The Spark

(aka Spicy Lemon Ginger Martini)

Pepper Bru™ – Lemon
Vodka or Gin
Splash of Orange Bitters
Splash of Limoncello
– Lemon Sugar Rim

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